Apologies for the lack of actual skating in this post :). I had such a good time when I was actually skating and there was only two of us so taking photos was a bit of an afterthought and to be completely honest skating most of this stuff was a huge learning curve for me as I pretty much just skate mini ramp and small transition most of the time and a little street.

Channel Street was actually closed also and so sorry that we skated there, there was a dude in there that said it was okay but we later found out that it wasn’t. There was so much cool and quirky as well as freaking gnarly transition in that place and a lot of beautiful artwork and mosaic to see, it was really a sick place and i’m glad we got to see it.


A little of the cool art you can see at Channel Street Skatepark, skateboarding skeleton. DSC_1344

A random photo of me at Peck Park probably dying from how hot it was. (like 100 degrees!)DSC_1342

I dropped in this thing at Peck Park and literally fell flat to my face, it was the steepest thing I probably ever skateboarded. I get scared of stupid stuff so that metal thingy really bugged me out so I was glad to wing myself over that. Not the greatest photo but had a cool time learning to skate that thing. DSC_1333

Me reluctantly putting knee pads on in the heat at Peck Park :(,  I have a bad knee right now and wearing pads in 100 degrees is probably the grossest thing ever. DSC_1329

Another pic of Channel Street Skatepark.Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 15.13.19

The name in mosaic and also the spot where Deawon Song did an ollie up blunt manny out….steepest thing ever seriously!  Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 15.13.32

This bowl was probably the nicest thing to skateboard in the park, in my opinion.  I really recommend going there it was really good but just wait until its back open :).

For some more skate photos from here and also more of my California adventure check out my instagram @stefaninurdingxx.

For more info on Channel Street click here.

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