Miu Miu Fall 2015 aka My whole Wardrobe.

I am so excited for winter..for 2 reasons. One being one that not everyone will look forward to which is that everyone will be skateboarding at the indoor park and so that means.. session on :)…and …Layers!!

I totally love Miu Miu anyway but the fact the have basically made it so that I can wear all my clothes at once and look like their Fall 2015 collection is something I am very excited about!

All the items are hughstreet Items and shows that you can obtain a similar look to these amazing Miu Miu ones if you are a crazy person like me who is a magpie for patterns and gems basically.

miu-miu-fall-winter-2015-runway09 12020136_10153270787698892_1012236789_o-2 12025835_10153270764863892_1803606146_o

The two photos of me are by Pete Drew Photographer

The photo of the Miu Miu show was obtained at Fashiongonerogue.com

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