Not sure if you will be able to guess from this cute gif but I have been watching the series ‘Scream Queens’ and I am hooked!! It is a horror comedy series and it is hilarious not to mention the EPIC EPIC outfits and the amazing closet AAAAAND the first episode features Ariana Grande <3.

I decided to put together 5 outfits which are inspired by the show. If you watch it you will know that you can’t go wrong with some faux fur and pastels, sparkly or embellished high waist mini skirts and fluffy sweaters.

From top left…River Island (entire outfit) except shoes and socks are from urban outfitters.H&M entire outfit.Middle is also H&M, River Island and Finally Wildfox sweater, Topshop fur gilet, Skatanist sunnies, American Apparel skirt and Prada saffiano handbag.

There are some outfit closeups of some extra layers below for those of you who love textures and details ;). 20151102_153155


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