steffersI have had this idea in my head for a long time! I am so glad I finally did it because I think it looks so cool and different not to mention SPARKLY!! 1I used spray adhesive and a bag of glitter paper offcuts from Hobbycraft which Im sure you can get at any craft store. 23You have to tile the squares strategically so that there aren’t any gaps but you can always cut and fill them in if there are one or two.456I used a stanley blade to smoothly cut along the rough edges as when you grip a skateboard any other time ( I’m sure there are instructions for this on youtube if you haven’t done this before). DSC_2090I also ordered and recommend to put some clear grip tape over the top so you can actually skate the board once you are done :).

I hope you like my idea ;). Keep a look out on the blog for glitter grip and a few more cute items to be in my online boutique in the new year!!

Thanks to Polar Skate Co for the skateboard :).




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