This blog is about my favourite things which are Skateboarding, Travel and Style. I am a UK girl with a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design.

I try to spend all of my time skateboarding, skateboarding is the love of my life, I love to be scared and to not be able to do something and then to overcome it. It has taken me to some amazing places and it is where I have met most of my closest friends as well as opportunities beyond all of my expectations and now I have decided to share some of my adventures through this blog.

My style is eclectic and not led by trends or what other people think you should wear.  I will never be a pigeon in a hole. I love experimenting with makeup and garments and sometimes I like to look sleek and princessy and sometimes I like to look like a scruff bag. I hope that you will take inspiration from some of my posts because that is what I love to do when I look at others blogs :).

I loved studying fashion and spend a lot of time doodling ideas and creating mood boards. I hope you like seeing some of my work….

Stefani Nurding aka The Concrete Chameleon


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