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imbusypink80's2014 ILLUSTRATION//FASHION


Stefani Nurding Print Design

2013 Illustration Work.


I have spent the whole of summer 2013 working on my illustrations. I hope to get an Illustration section on the website as soon as possible but until I can really do it justice then you can view and buy a few of my works on my big cartel.

I hope you enjoy my blog and my travels. I have just finished my second year of a degree in Fashion and am about to embark on my 3rd year of research and illustration.

Here is some of my artwork from the 2nd year which I will be updating soon with some of my work from the summer and my work experience at Animal.

Inspired by the adventures of my life, light, bright colours, pastels, neons, mythical creatures, the ocean, the mountains, skateboarding, smiling people and scaring yourself once in a while…or all the time.

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