From Top to Bottom…starting off with some china town poor little crabbies..I noticed them from across the street because of their beautiful colour and it looked like they had eyes on their backs.

The second photo is the supreme queue which we did not join but I thought it was befitting  next to the picture of the crabs so wanted to get a photo, I spoke to the security guy and he said it’s always like that! nuts!

I know I wear this pink jacket too much…I do totally have other jackets but its warm and it is too rad to put away just yet.

We watched the sunset at the empire state building which was nice :).

We saw soo many good skate spots here, but we only got to skate like once cos I got really sick (as in ill not as in rad) . We had a really nice session at the L.E.S skatepark which I really recommend going to it has a good and quirky mixture of street and transition. If I lived in NY I would skate there all the time.

Me trying to get some good luck at the good luck car service.

Another view from the sunset at Empire state ^_^

A pretty cup of tea at this Italian restaurant that had tiny but delicious portions of pasta, we sat opposite this old guy who was really rude to the waiter and was banging on about working with Taylor Swift. It was the waiters first shift and he was really slow and awkward.

I really wanted to try this spangly tourist hat on and I actually kind like it.

Hat Mark 2, not as good as the 1st one?

Top points for people who know where this is and why I was happy to see it!

Some of my accessories.


Please Just Crop It…

11852906_418026945057776_1219954671_oI am the type of person that likes to have big clear outs…Buuut that dosen’t stop me having love for my old stuff and also having favourite items which I love the feel of or just can’t seem to want to give to the charity shop just yet and so it is good to find ways to update these items so that you feel all fresh and new again ^_^.

One of my favourite things to do and this is especially a good thing to do in summer which is slowly coming I promise, is cut old (or sometimes new) t-shirts into crops.

Get out your once favourite tees lurking at the back of your closet…and cut them all will not regret this, high waisted jeans and a crop=winner whatever your shape or size! You are going to look banging (aka great)!

p.s this is a holiday park in Cornwall..not a trailer park….no offence to trailer parks :).

Here is one i did just today 🙂 and another from my summer in Malmö Sweden.




If you like this and you want to do it yourself. I recommend putting the tshirt on and measuring it to where you want it to be before cutting as you could end up with a seriously short tee otherwise!

Just get a pair of scissors and carefully cut a straight line all the way around and then pinch the fabric and run your fingers right around where you cut to get rid of that jagged egde and curl it up a little.



Okay so this one might not be as serious to you….but it is serious to me!

I have taken many an unnecessary slam due to my long locks either getting in my face or my ponytail whipping me in the eye as I am about to feel the glory of making a trick..lolol… so listen up ladies!

My 3 best styles for that not happening for skateboarding or other sports if you do something else ^_^.

Also I hope you enjoy this GIF because I love GIFS a lot!

1.Dutch Braids.output_H6FXg8

2.The Bun…However You Like it..


I love this bow version and its super quick to do, you just tie your hair in a ponytail but don’t pull it all the way through the last time you put the band over so you have like a loop. Separate the loop into 2 so you get the bow and then pull the loose ends over to make the middle of the bow :).

3. Cinnamon Buns.


You don’t have to do 2 buns but I think it looks cute & this way you get to have your hair down but with all the offending bits which may try to get into your eyes up out of the way and safe!

stef pink fluffystef-fashion

I recently had a photoshoot for the cover of Plymouth student magazine along with with Lucien Harris along with an interview as well. We basically just went mad and put all the clothes on at once and then danced around and took some photos. It was really fun and here is the cover with artwork by me :).


Aaand more importantly we also got a few skate photos too 🙂 which you can see by going on my instagram @stefaninurdingxx or picking up a copy somewhere locally :).



Happy New Year Everyone!!

It is with ease that I can say that Lacey Baker is a total icon in terms of skateboarding and style and being an awesome female role model. I got to chat to her recently and thought I would share with you guys what she had to say….. ^_^


How would you describe your style? I try to keep it minimal and monochromatic.

Who inspires you style wise? I am inspired by fashion and minimalism! I like the shapes of clothes and unique patterns. I really want to do a clothing company.

 So… I know that you used to have long hair and that long hair is freaking annoying when you are skating. I love the new shaved hair and was so hyped when i saw it, did you cut it because its easier for skating or did you literally just fancy it and do you ever miss your locks?

I never miss having long hair and I love having a shaved head!! I like the aesthetic.

I can see a lot more diversity in terms of style in the female skate scene in contrast to what seems to be almost a uniform way to dress among the men for the most part. Do you think that we all will ever end up all dressing the same way as the scene grows or do you think that it can get even more wavy? 

I think that each of us is very much an individual and there hasn’t been any guidelines for how we should look or what image we should have. I think that is a good thing. Individualism is one of the most important things about skating.

Item of clothing you couldn’t live without? omfg. That question is harder than it should be!!! If I had to choose today I would have to say these pants I am wearing. They’re from Oak. I’m in love with these. They’re black slightly coated drop crotch jeans with a little bit of a bow in the leg. Oh and they stretch so I can skate in them. I tried to find them for you but they’re not on the website!!

 One more question if you don’t mind me asking…? Something a bit more serious. I noticed you recently spoke out about the skate industry boys club not caring about skill level and caring more about ‘who’s the prettiest?’….  

 People are very concerned with looks and style even if when they are trying to send a positive message about it. Girls are told so many messed up things about how they should look etc and what they should wear and how to act. Do you have any good advice for younger girls who feel like for any reason at all they don’t dress the right way or look the right way to fit into skateboarding.

My advice is to do exactly what you want, wear exactly what you want, and dress in the way that is the most comfortable for you. It doesn’t matter what other people say at all, and it’s so important to stay true to yourself. When I was a teenager I sort of conformed to the image the skate industry wanted, people constantly pressuring me to wear my pants tighter, or make comments about my hair and how “marketable I am.” I obviously grew out of that, and looking back I realized how much of myself I was suppressing. It’s twisted how much people will try to manipulate you for their own benefit.

On a lighter note,  what is your favourite Pizza flavour? I always go for a slice of margarita and a slice of white pizza. must have ranch. must have hot sauce. must have soda.

Check Lacey out on insta @leeroythegreat for more radness!


The sports Bra is Calvin Klein

Shoes are all Black Cons High tops

Pull and Bear Shorts

Location: Saltmill Skatepark

Photographer: Dewa Ariadi